The Hooligans originated in the late 1990's when Russ McDonald got the idea for the name "Hooligans" from a book listing nose art for fighter groups in WWII. John Workman and Russ founded the group as the "Grey Haired Hooligans, but that was later changed when one of the team members (a female) refused to be associated with grey-haired anything! The team then became The Hooligans. The motto of the team became, "If it makes them smile, it's worthwhile."

The number one goal of the Hooligan Flight Team is to honor veterans, especially WWII vets. We feel honored whenever we receive requests to fly for events that honor our veterans. We have had so many flights honoring our vets, it's difficult to name them all.

In the 15 plus years that the Hooligans have been flying, we have been blessed with the best of the best with respect to the pilots, the crews, our wives and significant others. We are so grateful to all of our fans who have supported the Hooligans over the years; we want to dedicate this web site to those fans and supporters.